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 Andrea Brittian MA

My sculptural crocheted ceramic forms play on negative spaces. They are intended to communicate the fragile nature of our memories and evoke feelings of nostalgia within the viewer.  My interest lies in psychology and human emotion; a body of work sometimes exploring dark human emotions and what it is to feel like you are 'unravelling'. Light and shadow have a strong feature within my work having both a metaphorical and physical meaning.

Through my work I play with visual language and contradiction by producing pieces that appear to be fragile but are in fact surprisingly strong.

Glass has been described as a 'supercooled liquid' and it is that frozen liquid quality that I aspire to capture when using glass within my work. 



Emma Vaughan BA

I am inspired by natural elements such as the structure of coral and patterns within tree bark. I work with copper pushing this material to its limits to create pierced, patinated and etched jewellery and decorative objects with textured and coloured surfaces.

I am passionate about process and enjoy the way that the end result can be spontaneous and surprising when as a designer/maker I respond to thinking through process.



Louise Brown BA 

I am inspired by performance art and the way work can be recorded and viewed in front of an audience. I interpret this by creating large scale abstract artwork using different clay types that are layered. I use my hands as a tool to express emotion, by puncturing and extracting clay from the structure. The structure is then sliced to reveal a smooth marbled surface, which is then fired to different temperatures to brighten and darken the clay types

The abstract artwork is then polished to form a juxtaposition of the raw organic material with the smooth flat marbled sections. I aim to express violence and fear within the artwork, to show the difference of the attacker and the victim.


Naomi Jacques BA

I take my inspiration from life, both in physical forms and from emotional reactions. I endeavour to show how both collide and create something so fragile and somehow so strong.

I am a process based glass artist who thrives on pushing the boundaries of conventional processes and forms until satisfied with the outcome.

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