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Helen Taylor MA

I am a contemporary silversmith, jeweler, designer and maker who specializes in unique, high quality jewelery, tableware and interior furnishings. I incorporate a blend of mixed materials both in my work and for inspiration, particularly focusing on precious metals, ceramic and natural products such as wood and yarn.

My inspiration for design is influenced by both natural form and industry, in particular the development of unit construction and the linking of shape to create interlocking, repeat pattern. I incorporate my love for vintage style into my work by using retro inspired elements such as colour and pattern found on wallpapers and fabrics, often adding a vintage twist in and around a modern contemporary setting.




 Andrea Brittian MA

My sculptural crocheted ceramic forms play on negative spaces. They are intended to communicate the fragile nature of our memories and evoke feelings of nostalgia within the viewer.  My interest lies in psychology and human emotion; a body of work sometimes exploring dark human emotions and what it is to feel like you are 'unravelling'. Light and shadow have a strong feature within my work having both a metaphorical and physical meaning.

Through my work I play with visual language and contradiction by producing pieces that appear to be fragile but are in fact surprisingly strong.

Glass has been described as a 'supercooled liquid' and it is that frozen liquid quality that I aspire to capture when using glass within my work.



Harriet Lewin BA 

I am influenced by nature and landscapes having grown up in the countryside and living on farms. My main focus when creating work is on the process although I am often very controlled in my approach.

In contrast to this I use firing and glazing methods which dramatically transform my work and are often unpredictable in their outcome such as Raku and fuming. Fuming is a procedure of outdoor firing that carbonizes the clay and forms a mixture of beautifully reduced lustrous colours. I never produce two identical pieces of work.




Matthew Lowe MA

My work is inspired by natural forms such as shells, anemones and urchins which evolve into bulbous organic vessels for which the negative surrounding shapes are as important as the forms themselves.

My making processes are varied using wheel thrown, hand building and mould making techniques. I often take a mould from a piece that I have wheel thrown to enable me to make multiples.

My specialist area is crystalline glazes, which gives my work an added dimensionthrough the flux of the crystals and the excitement of finding different results every time I fire the kiln.

I also create bizarre jewelry pieces which are exciting to wear and also inspired by natural forms.

Matthew Lowe Art


Emma Vaughan BA

I am inspired by natural elements such as the structure of coral and patterns within tree bark. I work with copper pushing this material to its limits to create pierced, patinated and etched jewellery and decorative objects with textured and coloured surfaces.

I am passionate about process and enjoy the way that the end result can be spontaneous and surprising when as a designer/maker I respond to thinking through process.


Drew Hosell BA

The Majority of my works are inspired by movement and erosion; capturing a sense of direction and fluidity through a number of materials which include metals, coloured glass and wood.

In contrast to this organic influence I also work with geometric form. Creating the illusion of movement with solid shape informs my exploration of structure. I see myself as a sculptor, but I am also a designer and paint on canvas.


Joe Weaver BA

I am inspired by the juxtaposition of buildings, landscape and natural forms. I work with kiln cast glass in a range of colours to produce abstract sculpture some of which is site specific. I am interested in both old and contemporary industrial buildings which I transform into kiln cast glass sculptural forms.

I make site specific artworks  and work that is exhibited in public spaces where the public can interact with them. Artists I admire are Rachel Whiteread, Brenden Scott French and Colin Reid.



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